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Although our book and audio lectures are kind and gentle, our practice questions are tricky and rude, just like the actual Series 65 exam. Luckily, we don't just write difficult questions - we write detailed explanations that teach you important information you'll need to know to pass the Series 65. The approximately 1,000 unique questions are presented in six separate practice finals of 130 questions each, plus quizzes on each of the 4 exam sections. The answer choices are randomized, which cuts down on the dangerous trap of memorizing practice questions. Track your score and deal with the tick-tick-ticking of the little clock... just like at the testing center!

Bottom line: you will learn a ton of information fast with our ExamCram Online program. Buy it separately for $95, or get it included in the full package. Please look for an email right after your order and click the link to activate your online test-prep questions right away. Why waste time waiting for a CD-ROM to arrive in the mail when you can just choose a user name and password and get going now?

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